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10 Signs You Are Suffering From Emotional Dependence

April 16, 2017 1:39 PM
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1. You feel extreme jealousy whenever your partner spends their time with someone other than yourself.

2. You and your partner have stopped doing the things that you used to do without one another or have completely removed yourselves from other relationships that were important to you.

3. You have a constant worry that your partner is going to just up and leave you for someone else.

You notice that you are possessive of him or her when there are other people around them.

4. You’re always ready to bail on whatever plans you’ve made in order to spend time with your significant other.

5. You value your partner’s validation way more than your own validation.

6. You care less about who your partner really is on the inside than you do about how well they maintain appearances in front of friends and family.

7. You think that you can transform your significant other into the partner you’ve always wanted.

8. You enjoy having a bit of control over your partner, and become upset and distant when they don’t do as you wish.

9. You genuinely feel as though you would never be able to recover or move on in life if your partner left you or passed away.

10. A large portion of your self-worth is derived from your significant other’s approval, affection and attention.


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