How could a multi-religious country allow Osun state Hijab crisis?

June 21, 2016 1:38 PM

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Unbelievably but this is a fact: Osun state Governor has declared that Muslim female students must wear hijab when going to school. This decision he announced at the emergency meeting he held leaving a large number of authorities representatives surprised and speechless.

The authorities of other states are worried that this situation can get even worse as the leader is not willing to negotiate on this matter. The reporters wondered whether such decision was ever spoken before by Governor Rauf Aregbesola or was it just an ambitious decision that can lead to escalation of conflicts.

Even in the very beginning of his career he came to power with the help of bribery. However, even if putting this fact aside, his attitude to the politics of the state now is considered to be wayward and unfair.

He claims to be a Muslim; however, even Muslims themselves say that the way he leads his state is not what Islam teaches. The website Naij mentioned one controversy which was one of the biggest examples of Rauf Aregbesola’s style of governorship.

He established Traditionalists’ Day which did not make sense for both Christians and Muslims. This day was supposed to be a holiday either for the first where they celebrate what they believe in or for the other religious group. Nevertheless, as it was not clear who this holiday was dedicated to, it only created more misunderstanding and conflicts.

With actions like the one mentioned above, he brought people living in Osun state to hatred towards each other. Rauf Aregbesola planted the seeds of confusion and disgust, and they can grow one day to bring more troubles.

This time he raised the question of traditional female dress code that as he believes should be worn by students when they go to school. Instead of holding a democratic meeting where representatives of both sides could express their opinions on this matter, he just made a decision himself.

This made Christian part of the state to worry: if a Muslim Governor started making decision without even informing them about it, he might take more steps in this direction and turn Osun state into a Muslim state.

Even if he did not mean it, his actions can be seen as those they violate all the democratic norms and restrictions. Women would still wear their Hijabs to work or around the city; however, it was not so before. The previous actions were regulated, and now the actions of the Governor seem to be wayward and disrespectful to those who follow a different religion.

Thus, Christian leaders in the course of long discussions said that in case this regulation will come to being, Christian students will start wearing church garments to school as a sign of belonging to a different religion as well.

This situation can turn to be a disaster. Therefore, Christian Association of Nigeria now call all the Nigerians, both Muslims and Christians as well the Presidential administration, to help them handle the situation, as it is being a major violation of people’s rights and freedoms. That is not how democracy looks like. That is why Governor Rauf Aregbesola should be stopped and asked to explain decisions first as a sign of respect to people who believe otherwise.

The specialists worried about the conflict try to intervene. However, it is not an easy one. Governor keeps making decisions that are offensive to Christians, and the Christian authorities demand bringing this case into the court. Keep following our news to find out more on this issue.


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