Do some governors secretly collaborate with Niger Delta Avengers?

June 21, 2016 10:28 AM

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Do some governors secretly collaborate with Niger Delta Avengers?

News broke that certain politicians have connections with the militant grouping known as Niger Delta Avengers. Is this true or is it just another trick to draw attention and threaten people? Learn more from my article.

The grouping emerged in March of this year. It was their first official announcement. As they claim they want to create a unique sovereign state in the place known as Niger Delta. To achieve this, they have already attacked and severely damaged facilities and industries which had their facilities in this delta.

Their main focus is oil industry; it is due to their efforts that Nigeria is now the last among all the African countries in the rating for oil production. It was done by blowing up several oil pipes in the Delta as well as Bonny-Soku Gas Export Line and several others.

The militants of this group strongly oppose the current government and especially the President, Muhammadu Buhari, as he had never visited Delta during the time of his reign. They promised to ruin Nigeria’s economy in a way only they know about in case anyone tries to stop them or does not meet their requirements.

Moreover, recently the news about connection of some politicians to the activity of the militant grouping Niger Delta Avengers broke on the Internet. In particular, Daily Post mentioned about this possibility on June 17.

Here is what the reporters say: spokesperson from the Warri Study Group announced that there was an information leakage, and it became known that Niger Delta Avengers use the help of certain politicians from the former and current governments to influence on the decisions of the authorities from the inside.

The politicians that are connected to the matter allegedly have criminal chrges and are helping the Niger Delta Avengers secretely. Their aim is to persuade the government to drop any criminal charges that were put on the grouping. They also have to do it in such a way to ensure that the government does not suspect their collaboration with the Avengers.

However, politicians found out about this and encourage the current government not to negotiate with the rebels, as it is below their dignity and there is basically nothing to discuss.

Avengers keep blackmailing the government saying that in case they do not meet their demands, they will stimulate even bigger crisis in the country. It has already been significantly dropped in the view of the blow-ups in the oil pipes and export lines. However, terrorists claim they will make it even worse.

As the Warri Study Group spokesperson claims the politicians involved into the collaboration with the terroristic group are interested in this relations, as they probably are paid or at least cut in on the financial benefit of the returns of creating a state in the Delta.

The Warri Study Group calls politicians to be aware of the situation and stay away from the corrupted “colleagues”. The negotiation with them is pointless; moreover, it can lead to worse living condition in the Delta area where the situation is now worse than within the last twenty years.

As Edward Ekpoko explained the Avengers only want to get out of any troubles they can have with the law by blackmailing or bargaining politicians and offering them gold mines in exchange for freedom of actions in the Delta which will only lead to economic instability and more dropdowns in oil industry.

The news is quite sad for the country; nevertheless, the authorities are eager to take actions in order to prevent more collaboration of the government with the Avengers. The ways to do that are still being investigated. Let’s hope for the better! Follow our news to learn more about Niger Delta Avengers as being informed means being equipped and ready to fight.


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