Fayose blows the whistle on Aisha Buhari, Nigerians react

June 21, 2016 2:03 PM

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Fayose blows the whistle on Aisha Buhari, Nigerians react

The battle is raging hot as regards the claims by Governor Fayose alleging that the nation’s First Lady Hajia Aisha Buhari was involved in a bribery scandal involving a US Congressman.

Nigerians have taken to social media to air their views for and against the claims made by Governor Fayose, some saying that it was high time such secrets are exposed; while others believe that Fayose should just dance to the music he has been playing.

Taiwo Adegbuyi Omoniyi said: “Who is investigating Jagaban, Fashola, Ameachi, Oshiomole, Okorocha, Aisha Buhari, and even Buhari as PTF chairman. Truly there is no saint among them.”

Idowu Olawolu said: “Who is a better democrat now? Or who is a repentant democrat or a true democrat now? There must be no freedom of Speech again. So Gov Fayose should keep shut, Nigeria press should keep shut, opposition party should keep shut or else all of you will be dealt with by my boss. Sharrap!!!! No talking, No complaint, No criticism. We are moving Nigeria to a greater height in the regime of CHANGE.”

Tina Ehidiame said: “Shame on this APC government they can’t stand opposition so they always look for ways to shut people from talking! Femi kayode is still in detention because he opposes the wrong of this administration and now its Fayose who has immunity! What is their problem and yet they claim they are fighting corruption! Is this not corruption? Is it only the PDP that did campaign during the last elections? Where did the APC get the money they used for their own campaign? What Nigerians that are supporting this rubbish don’t know is that if there are no opposition the govt won’t sit up! Opposition puts govt in check and in place! May God save Nigeria.”

Grace Uki Agbebaku said: “Take it or leave it our president is gradually turning himself to a dictator and a semi god who can’t be criticized. This is not good for our democracy. For democracy to thrive anywhere in the world there must be critics. I am totally in support of fighting corruption but I am against hunting down those you perceive as enemies and those who criticize some of your policies. It’s a world were opinions and views on issues defers.”

“On a serious note the house and the senate should call Mr President and his bulldog EFCC to order things are getting out of hand and Nigeria is breaking, inflation rate is increasing people are dying judiciary is no more effective people are suffering, Mr president is ill, economy ill, no road no light no fuel yet the bulldog keep on attacking the opposition on a serious note this bulldog should be abolished,” Emmanuel Ogbonna said.

Obidike Christina Amaka said: “That’s d major reason why the US government attacked Buhari on US daily post newspaper telling him that a thief cannot probe a thief,this information is so deep to be taken as a mere rumour or lies, very interesting, Mr buhari denied Abacha’s loot, dropped the Halliburton case all of a sudden,he is not a saint after all.”

“I no Fayose will never give up 2 this mere trans, he must surely prove APC who are hiding under the canopy of Mr, President. Governor Ortom diverted bell out fund Amaechi has vital allegation against him in his state what has the EFCC done about that only to go for the opposition, it’s unfair, government can not survives without the opposition, stop chasing them.”

“Fayose remove the speck in your own eyes first. Go and clear yourself with the EFCC. They say you are a thief and you claim someone else also stole. How many of your siblings have come out in your support? Non has and non will because you have brought so much shame and disgrace to that respected family,” Adewale Olatunde noted.

Tanimu Agyo said: “Some people don’t know that fayose is using form of defence which says d best way of defence is to attack. Fayose want to woo sympathizers whenever his sins caught up wit him so that people will say because he is criticising d APC govt that’s y they want to witch hunt him. Opposition is not attacking individuals n is not about making unguarded utterances to prove your case but by being objective that even n illiterate can understand. No country in d world hear in d world that a seating governor will b making statement that will undermine d peace of a nation. Let us tell Fayose d truth he has a skeleton in his cupboard that is why he is barking. He is not d only one criticising d government but other do it in a way of not inciting d citizens against their government.”

“Politics is a game….I believe Buhari is rooting out the problems that awaits us in d future now….so is d best!!!Nigerians love magic,” Akowonjo Adeola opined.

Ibrahim Garba Yakubu said: “Mr Fayose, this is simple, Kindly reopen the case in a court of law so that Nigerians can judge by the facts presented. But as for now you cannot hide under the guise of immunity and claim that you are untouchable whereas u did something touchable. I thought by now you might have cleared yourself of the monies traced in your account. My friend go and face the law to clear yourself. Just like an Hausa proverb reads “shure-shure baya hana mutuwa.””

Source: naij.com

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