Headlines: The prospect of thousands of couples ‘test tube baby’

December 28, 2013 7:59 AM

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In Turkey, 15 from each pair of faces in your inability to have children, which is one of the primary methods of IVF is spreading every day.

So far, 11 thousand double-tube baby who practice responsible Adana Prof. Capital Hospital IVF Center. Dr.. Esra Bulgan Kilicdagi, the couple’s infertility is not just a woman’s problem is encountered in 15 out of every hundred pairs, he said.

Prof. Dr.. Kilicdagi, developing medical facilities thanks of infertile couples to have children in the way large distances, noting, stated,” Infertility treatment success of the most important factor determining the correct diagnosis and double special most effective treatment selecting a fast way is to apply. Admitted to our center primarily to couples applying various tests detect factors that negatively affect the chances of becoming pregnant with their drug or surgical methods are trying to eliminate. Some patients we made a small surgical interventions (within the uterus, such as the correction of a small eccentricity) of the patients required both self-inoculation and may increase the chance of pregnancy after in vitro fertilization. ”

IVF centers all over the world increasingly common in all the standard equipment that transmits Prof. Dr.. Kilicdagi “However, in some special cases of the IMS improve pregnancy rates, as well as new technological developments Embriyoskop supplementation positively affect pregnancy rates. Six thousand times allowing sperm to be examined by zooming in and shape the IMSI number of sperm in patients with severe problems better by allowing us to select sperm increases pregnancy rates. Embryo IVF laboratory spend 3-5 days at the end objectives of normal and abnormal fertilized egg to distinguish the embryo cleavage stage to control, fast or slow developing embryo to follow and so will be transferred to the best embryos choosing pregnancy increases the chance to be able to. Embryos used to follow the course of this, a constant temperature, carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen levels with, they were cultured in incubators at predetermined time intervals removed, and culture conditions to influence in a very short time are assessed under a microscope. “He said.


A few different stages of IVF, stating that Prof.. Dr.. Kilicdagi, he continued:

” Treatment starts on second or third day of menstruation. Adetliyk control structures and blood tests 7-12 days after the start of the ovary stimulating drugs. Second control drug use is made of the fourth or fifth day. In the aftermath of ultrasound and hormone treatment and follow-up evaluation is planned. Following stimulation level is passed by the other eggs. Fracturing the hatching of the eggs at this stage the needle is provided. From 35 to 36 hours after fracturing needle eggs are collected under light anesthesia. On the same day my father received from the eggs with sperm taken from the mother is fertilized by micro-injection methods. 3-5 days following fertilization, the embryos are checked and then the embryo transfer is performed to the mother. In the final stage, 10 days after the transfer of patients to control income for pregnancy examination.”


A team of Ministry of Health regulations go for IVF treatment Kilicdagi stated that: “In recent years, some laws were passed by the ministry. 3 embryo transfer to the mother before, while the patients were under 35 years from the year 2010 an embryo, patients over the age of 35 and the second embryo transfer was made obligatory. Single embryo transfer pregnancy rates with the act of 60 percent, fell to 40. The aim, of course, does not detract from the success, was to reduce multiple pregnancy rates.” He said.


IVF was found in the SSI payment items, however, some criteria compliance is mandatory Prof. telling. Dr.. Kilicdagi:” couples over the age of 23 and 40 years of age have not received the peers of both supposed to be living child. In his second marriage, the spouses have children from a first marriage, the condition is maintained. Also, at least five years, the person insured or dependents to be one of the conditions. SSI case all conditions are satisfied meets the first two IVF. However, direct in vitro fertilization treatment is mandatory at least twice except SSI negotiated stimulation of the ovaries with needles in an institution must include the following vaccination. In addition, patients who received a diagnosis of unexplained infertility duration of marriage must have completed three years are also sought.” He said.

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