NLC Faults Jonathan’s Corruption Fight

November 25, 2013 6:01 PM

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The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has faulted the federal government’s fight against corruption, saying the action of the government does not indicate it is serious to win the war against corruption.

Speaking at this year’s annual Harmattan School in Kaduan, NLC President Comrade Abdulwahed Omar said it is lamentable that despite the anti corruption mantra of the current administration, the menace seem to be on the rise.

Omar also said the president’s refusal to ask the Aviation Minister, Stella Oduah to step down to ensure a proper investigation is carried out on the controversial purchase of two bullet proof cars, was an indication of the government’s unseriousness in the anti corruption crusade.

“Does it mean that corruption is officially recognised in Nigeria?” he queried.

He said further: “What is highly lamentable is that rather than try to amend, the issue of corruption is getting worst by the day. Despite all that is being said, nothing has changed. What we expect is that the president should have asked Oduah to stop aside.

“We are telling the government that the way it is handling corruption issue is not the best. It is at best making the common man more angry. Because if it is clear that somebody has corruptly enriched himself or herself and that government is in the best position to ensure that that person is prosecuted and nothing is happening, people will become more angry. And if you continue with impunity, definitely, the consequence can be very dire because by the time citizens will begin to react, it might become uncontrollable.

“I am jittery that should we continue like this, everything has a limit. I am not inciting anybody. But we can't continue with impunity forever.”

He said the Harmattan School is to train workers and educate them on the necessary skills required to make them better employees and boost the Nigerian workforce.


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