'Primary Health Care System in Nigeria is Comatose'

December 11, 2013 5:07 PM

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The Chairman, Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) Lagos state chapter, Dr. Francis Faduyile has said that the primary health care system in Nigeria is comatose.

This he said in an exclusive interview with Daily Times on Wednesday in his office.

Faduyile said, the tertiary institutions relegate the primary health care system which is supposed to caters for over 70 per cent of people who have health needs on minor treatments of all health issues, "and I must tell you that the primary health care system in Nigeria is comatose, it is still abysmally poor in indices that we have seen, the funding is terribly poor and nobody is looking at it.

"All these have brought so much pressure on the tertiary health institutions. There are things that are not to be seen at the tertiary institutions which are causing a lot of pressure on the medical professionals and because of this, the real work to be done at the tertiary health level are not done appropriately."

Decrying the poor medical equipment at hospitals, he said, "the equipments are still far from what it should be, we have so many obsolete equipments and it is unfortunate that even the newer equipments that are being imported, many of them are not entirely new, some of them are refurbished but they are presented as new and based on this, I think generally the health care system is still very low."

Source: dailytimes.com.ng

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