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Ways jealousy is ruining your relationship

December 3, 2017 12:33 AM
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If you struggle with jealousy, you probably know how painful and destructive it can be. Not only is jealousy not good for your relationship, it’s not good for you either.

Jealousy is one of the things that can cause major rifts in your relationship and may gradually destroy whatever you have built with your partner if you are not careful.

It is normal that jealousy can arise in your relationship but uncontrolled jealousy can become a relationship killer. It can make you and your partner drift apart more and more.

When you make a place for jealousy in a relationship, all it does is leave you frustrated and ruin your peace of mind. Jealousy is not good for your relationship and not working on it can destroy you and your partner from inside out.

When you become jealous, you allow your fears to grow. You think something is wrong and start to prepare yourself for it. It’s your actions and thoughts that may pave way for the dreaded situations and make your fears come alive.

When you fear to lose someone you start becoming obsessed. You start to follow and stalk each and every move of theirs without realizing that you are ceasing their personal space and freedom. You become so obsessed that you can’t think about their freedom and space except them.

Jealousy causes you to mistrust your partner, and he/she may begin to mistrust you too. Your partner isn’t sure what will set you off and what won’t. He/she will be more cautious and reserved around you because you might say you’re “okay” one minute and then get angry because of jealousy the next. This makes it tough for your partner to trust that you’ll be honest and that you’ll really listen and not jump to conclusions.

The human body responds and reacts to their emotions instantly. It produces the similar chemical of what they are experiencing and feeling. If you are jealous or upset, your body is going to produce chemicals that will make it more toxic. Toxic thoughts and emotions turn our body into a toxic system that can have some unwanted negative effects on us.

If you are the one who is jealous, then ultimately you will be the one who will suffer. You will be the one who feels all the negative emotions and that means you have to fight the battle alone. In the end, you suffer at the hands of this slow poison called jealousy.


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